Stay At Home Mum or Working Mum

Stay At Home Mum

What is the difference between a Stay at Home Mum and a Working Mum? Not much really. Both roles are quite exhausting. However, during the last 4 years I’ve often felt judged for being a Stay at Home Mum. I’ve heard the joke of me being lazy for not being keen on returning to work. People have even assumed that I’m financially well off.  I’m not about to go into justifying my choice. Because that’s what it is. It is my choice to be at home so that I could enjoy my babies early years. So that I wouldn’t miss out on the little moments that I hear so many other mums say they do.

When meeting another mum for the first time and I’m asked what I do I proudly respond with; I’m a Stay at Home Mum. But some of the reactions that I have received haven’t always been encouraging. Some mums try to be polite and answer me with something like “oh I wish I could stay home with my child rather than work”. I could be rude and reply with “but why can’t you?”… But I don’t like to be rude. Because I know that even though I’ve made sacrifices to be at home with my children, I consider that there are other mums that cannot follow suit. I like to try to sympathise if I can’t empathise.

Throughout my journey of being a Stay at Home Mum I have explored options of generating an income by working from home. After my first baby turned one I joined an MLM company (Multi-Level Marketing). This didn’t work out as I hoped it would. Sure, some women manage to get some extra cash by this method. Some even manage to do well enough to make it their only income. But it wasn’t for me. I moved on and went back to square one. And then I found myself fortunate to have baby number two. I took a break so to speak from thinking about working from home to concentrate on caring for my children.

stay at home mum

However, as a mum I don’t stop thinking. Yes, my thoughts about our family income are never ending. I always ponder about the various options that there are these days to work from home. There are so many avenues to achieve this type of lifestyle. But like I chose to be a Stay at Home Mum I’m thinking it through carefully so that I make the right choice – for me.  I’ve started the journey with this blog. I believe that it will lead to the career that I really want.  I aim to achieve a Work from Home Mum lifestyle; however, I know that it will take some time.

So, in this blog post I’m kind of announcing to you that I’m now actively seeking work. Be it part time, contract, casual or full time. Deep down I prefer something that will still leave me a day or two spare during the weekdays. My main reason to return to work is because I know that as the children are getting older the family expenses are getting bigger as well.

I know that I’m going to experience the separation anxiety so much more than my boys. Recently my eldest has been saying that he wants to stay home forever. That really is music to my ears. I have become the mum I never thought I would. I’m so attached and my emotional side seems to get so much more sensitive as my boys grow older.

Now let’s get into the serious side of business. You are probably wondering what I am doing to find work. Well for starters my blog is my online profile. With my self-taught social media skills I’ve gained a lot of new experience that I could bring into a new role. My online profile is not only found in my blog but also on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I’ve also kept my Seek profile up to date and have recently applied to a few positions available through it.

You also may be wondering what type of work I am seeking. Well, I’m looking for a role that is similar to what I’ve worked in. However, I’m open to different jobs that I would be suited to as well. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

So, my background is a little bit mixed. I’ve worked in the Education industry as a Teacher’s Aide in a primary school. Then I moved onto Customer Service roles in the Freight and Logistics industry.

Then I became a Mum…the best job by far!!!

My Curvy Mummy Life is a job I’ve created for myself. It’s one that I will continue to work on no matter what other role or roles I decide take on in the near future. Pursuing my blog is something I’m very passionate about. It’s almost a year since it started and for now there are only plans to keep it going.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you in a comment or a message soon!



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