Better Late Than Never – 5 fun facts about me

better late than never

Wow, almost two months into 2018 and I have finally picked up my pen again! My last blog post was in the first week of December last year. It’s taken me a long time but… better late than never I say! That, my friends, is my new motto. Better Late Than Never… I’m proudly displaying it as my tagline for the blog. And people who really know me will vouch for me as always being the one everyone is waiting for to turn up to the party! Continue reading “Better Late Than Never – 5 fun facts about me”


The Struggle Is Real, But It’s Worth It

The Struggle is Real, Fitness, Fitmum, #fitcurvymummy

There is so much going on in my head at the moment. I’ve been on this health journey since May 2017. There have been plenty of ups and downs. During the last month I’ve struggled with the balancing act that is Motherhood and everything else I want in my life. Yes, the struggle is real. After a whole lot of contemplation I came back to how deeply I feel about putting my family first. Continue reading “The Struggle Is Real, But It’s Worth It”


The Date Night In by Date Crate Australia

date night in, Date Crate Austalia

What does the Date Night In mean? For me as a mother, before I found Date Crate Australia, I never worried about getting a date night in with my hubby. I focused on our family unit and never wondered what that time alone would actually be like. We were getting some time alone. And up until recently it was enough. Truly, I did used to think it was enough. But from the very first Date Crate box that I got to surprise my hubby with everything changed. Continue reading “The Date Night In by Date Crate Australia”


Toothbrush that also flosses by Mouthwatchers


As a mum I’ve learned to welcome change a lot more. So when I see something new that has potential to help me lead a healthy lifestyle for my family I give it a go. I’ve had the chance to trial a new anti-bacterial Toothbrush from Mouthwatchers Australia. You too have a chance to get your hands on a free toothbrush from Mouthwatchers as well. Keep reading. Continue reading “Toothbrush that also flosses by Mouthwatchers”


Yarrawonga – Life by the Lake

We love our little family holidays. So far we have kept to short stays in places we can drive to. We’ve been fortunate to have taken our dogs a few times as well. This time as they are both no longer with us anymore it was very different. Our recent stay at the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Big 4 Holiday Park was the first short getaway without them in our lives. But it was still amazing. Visiting places in the Murray Region always helps us to be at peace with Continue reading “Yarrawonga – Life by the Lake”


Positive Mind = Positive Energy = Positive Results

Positive Mind

Consistency is the key to a lot of things for success in whatever it is you strive for. However, some life events cannot be predicted and can cause the balance you once had to fall out of place. My writing paused for a little while due to a change that I was and wasn’t expecting at the same time. The approach I recently developed to own a positive mind took two steps back. I even felt like quitting something. No, it wasn’t the quest for my Curvy Transformation. It Continue reading “Positive Mind = Positive Energy = Positive Results”


Chocolate for Protection – Oscar the Orangutan

Oscar the orangutan

I recently had the pleasure of trying out some Vegan chocolate from a cute little business called The Chocolate Yogi. It was a selection from the new range called Oscar the Orangutan. Before I continue I’d like to share a little about this wonderful chocolate company. It is an Australian business that loves to work with charities on raising awareness of environmental protection Continue reading “Chocolate for Protection – Oscar the Orangutan”


The Free Fat Loss Seminar

fat loss

Last week I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I went out. No not for a big night out. I’m not sure how I’ll survive one of those at this stage. My outing was to a Free Fat Loss Seminar. I stalked my friend’s Facebook page as I always do and saw a link she was tagged in for this event. It was at going to be at this gorgeous little gym she has been attending for just over a year now. Evolving Physiques is co-owned and operated by two amazing people, Patrick Hong and Hilal Husseyin. With my current Stay at Home Mum status I’m being extra cautious with my spending. There is an informal budget that my husband and I Continue reading “The Free Fat Loss Seminar”


Seriously Milestones – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy


This week’s instalment of the Friday Feature is a little different. It’s in the form of a Q & A that I’m so thrilled to share with you. Seriously Milestones is a business operated by a beautiful mumma that truly is an inspiration. This beautiful lady is seriously funny, genuine and compassionate. I’m so honoured to be in her cyber company. I feel privileged to be able to share with you this script today. Without further ado, scroll on and keep going all the way to the last word. Then, seriously just click on the link to find out more. You seriously will love this insight into the lady behind Seriously Milestones. Continue reading “Seriously Milestones – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy”