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My name is Samar – say it like summer – and I’m a curvy mummy of two beautiful boys. Since my first pregnancy I decided to be a stay home mummy and do everything I possibly can to care for my family while my husband goes out to earn the bread. This lifestyle has dealt us with a lot of challenges but also a lot of blessings. Our marriage is bound by love and completed with two healthy boys that keep us on our toes. My husband is ‘my everything’! I get through the days of my curvy mummy life because he is there.

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This is me, Curvy Mummy

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I never pursued this dream with further tertiary learning. It was quite easy to park this thought on the shelf with all my other considerations of what I wanted to do in life after I finished school.

Now and then I sit back and check on the latest trends in social media. As I do this I often wonder what it would be like to have a go at making this dream to become a writer a reality. Through the internet there are a vast number of opportunities before me to make it happen. But studying just doesn’t tickle my fancy with two extremely active boys. Facebook is great for sharing and over sharing. But not all your Facebook friends are keen on that.

And so, sitting here now as my children go about their daily destruction of our living room I procrastinate further. The notion is to become a blogger. I suddenly have to stop my writing at this moment … {long pause}.

The boys were doing their usual thing of annoying each other to get my attention, and I can be sure they will cause several more interruptions like this before I finish writing this piece. Yes, this is the type of writing you will be seeing in my blog. Interrupted and scattered ideas. There is also the possibility of terrible grammar which is guaranteed with pregnancy and motherhood.

I have started this blog to share stories from My Curvy Mummy Life with you. Cooking, eating, parenting, gardening, and other things I stumble across in my meander.

My latest quest is my health. Watch me Transform by following my posts in the Curvy Transformation segment! I will become a #fitcurvymummy

So, back to the family topic. Our family portraits are true life. I set my own camera on the tripod while my hubby tries keeping the kids in the position we want them, and I run in to be part of the picture before the timer ends. Photography has always been one of my interests and I’m passionate about it. I have finally worked out how to use the remote control for my camera…look real close in this image!!

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