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This Curvy Feature today is one that I have been waiting to present to you for a while. Marie is the amazing and beautiful talented one half of Alex & Aloe – a hand made brand of vegan skincare & home fragrances. The thing I love most about our social media friendship is how much I can relate to Marie as a Mum. Even when there are differences the communication with her regular updates always gets me laughing or saying “omg me too”. We have this little cyber interview we have put together for you… Read on to have a little laugh, find out some interesting beauty facts and what Alex & Aloe are all about.

Note: Paragraphs beginning with CM: (Curvy Mummy) are my responses 🙂


  • Introduce yourself to us!

Hey everyone, I’m Marie –  Wife, mum & boss. I’m from Melbourne, a westie, not born and raised… I feel like I have to clarify that all the time, haha. Originally from the northern suburbs. I moved out west where Hubby is from 8 years ago and yet I still feel like I’m new to the area.

CM: OMG I totally relate to that feeling of not fitting in yet… 6 1/2 years here and counting to the day I call this town home haha

Alex & Aloe

  • What year did you become a Mum?

I became a mum in 2014 (not without struggle) after a year of trying and miscarrying we were finally blessed with Olivia! You’ve caught me on a good mum day, so I’ll say it’s the BEST thing that’s happened to me, haha! Just keeping it real!  It has its challenges just like anything.

Olivia is such a happy,  affectionate, loving and super entertaining 3 year old that definitely keeps me on my toes! I call her a little old lady because she always needs to know what you’re up to and always has a story to tell…  (Think Mrs Kravitz from Bewitched) LOL.  She’s a little performer, ready to break out into dance & song at any moment.  Someone is always buying her a new instrument too, arrrrgh, my ears!!! For those that follow me on social media will know what I’m talking about. Things are set to get even more hectic in our home with baby number 2 due end of July. It’s another girl too! Someone help me!  *pulls hair out*

Alex & AloeAlex & Aloe

CM: We have a few things in common already… I became a mum in 2014 too. It took us 9 months of wondering if it would ever happen. That’s a topic for another chat one day. Right now I wanna say Bewitched is one the best old school tv shows… and Mrs Kravitz was one of my favourite characters. I’m imagining Olivia chasing you with a million questions like that everyday now haha!

  • What did you do before you decided to become a Mum and decided to Work from Home?

I have actually always worked for myself. I started in the beauty industry in 2002 as a freelance makeup & lash artist. During that time I worked at Myer & David Jones at the Chanel & Dior counter and later on for a Beauty Salon specialising in lash extensions. A few years later, I decided to take the plunge and work from home offering only lash extensions which I am still doing today but only a day or two a week which is more than enough!

CM: That’s fabulous! I have always been confused with what I really want to do. I hope that I can find a straight direction one day like you.

  • What kid’s show do you wish you could eliminate so that no mum ever has to sit through it again?

Oh no… this is tough. There’s no option. I need to eliminate 3!  Hoopla Doopla, Big Block & Yo Gabba Gabba.  What in the world are they on about!? Seriously, I think there are a few stoned children’s’ show producers out there.  Can I even say that??? Sorry! You’ll only ever get honesty here.

Bahahahahahahaha! Yes, in this instance I’m definitely allowing that because I totally know what you mean.

  • Tell us all about your business!

Aside from still working at home as a lash artist, I am also in partnership with my bestie, Sarah. We are the two that makeup, Alex & Aloe.  We are a vegan skincare & home fragrance brand where absolutely every product is made by us, by hand.  People are always intrigued by the name too. It’s actually our surnames joined together. Alex, from my married name, Alexander. Aloe (pronounced Ah-loy) from Sarah’s surname… and just to clarify, doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Aloe Vera, hahaha!

Feel free to check us out –

WebAlex&Aloe InstaAlex&Aloe FacebookFacing Beauty Insta

CM: Hahahaha… I’m so glad you clarified the name pronunciation. I’m sorry I’ve been reading it like aloe vera, correcting myself right now!

Alex & Aloe

  • I recall you recently mentioned some studies you’re completing. Tell us more about this.

I have always been interested in beauty, but more so, I have always been intrigued as to why & how a product claims to work in a particular way. I think it comes from being in a retail & beauty environment where I needed to explain to clients why they needed to use a particular product, but not in a ‘salesy’ way, I wanted there to be hard evidence as to why they needed a product. So, from then on, I decided to research how skincare products were made.

After lots of research, I found a community group in St. Andrews, Victoria, that were holding classes in natural skincare making. I participated in the short course where the first 2 products I learnt to make were natural soap and… wait for it… coffee body scrub! That’s right! Today, people think coffee scrub is something that was developed only a few years back, but it’s actually been around for years! Anyway, as they say, the rest is history. Years after that, I started to study online short courses in natural skincare making and more recently am completing studies in Cosmetic Chemistry.

CM: This is so intriguing Marie, the way you describe it makes me want to get into the beauty field as well. See how confused I can be with what I want to do with my life. But that truly is interesting to know.

  • What skincare tips do you have for the ladies? and for the men?

This one actually applies for both men and women. It’s something so simple but often forgotten.  Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Whether you wear makeup or not, our skin is exposed to the elements and pollution on a daily basis. Also, change your pillow case daily! If you’re concerned about why you might be breaking out or feeling that your skin isn’t looking its best, the answer might be as simple as changing your pillowcase.  After all, we have sweat, oils and product that build up in our hair, rubbing off onto our pillowcase and onto our face. Doesn’t sound so great, right?

WOWZA!!!! The pillow one I would not have thought of ever. Thanks so much for that tip!

  • Do you have plans to expand your product range?

Our product range is quite possibly nearing its peak. Sarah is always trying to pull me back whenever I have a new product idea for the range. In recent times we have introduced 2 incredibly amazing products.  Natural Spray Deodorant & a Peptide Serum for treating fine lines, wrinkles and depleting collagen. Both these products have very quickly become our most loved and quickest selling to date!

CM: And both products are calling out to me, especially the Peptide Serum… I’m hitting the big 40 this year…yikes.

  • Do you offer the chance for other businesses to become stockists?

Absolutely! We are always on the lookout for new stockists. We welcome all size businesses too and they don’t necessarily need to be beauty related. There are many beauty & lifestyle gift boxes, clothing, home wares & gift boutiques that have stocked our products.

CM: That sounds so good…I’ll be chatting with you about this more in the near future… Stay tuned Curvy Mummy readers!!

Alex & Aloe

  • Let’s finish with a funny one…what’s the last thing you told your kid not to touch?

“Olivia! Get your hand out of your pants! You look like Al Bundy!” She wouldn’t know who he is and I’m showing more than my actual age. I’m 34… in case you were curious… but I act (feel) a bit like a Nanna, haha.

CM: Hahahahaha… I can’t stop laughing at this. And I thought I had issues with my son always doing the same thing. I relate 100% and find this so hilarious.

Thanks for the laughs Marie and for sharing so much not only of your beautiful family life, but all of the fabulous information.  I would also like to send a special thanks to your bestie and partner in biz for allowing me to feature Alex & Aloe on my blog. Love to you both gorgeous ladies. *heart emoji* (I still need to work out how to place emojis in my blog posts *sigh*)

Alex & Aloe


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