5 ways to avoid starting a weight loss diet

The thought of a starting a weight loss diet when the cold weather has kicked in is just so undesirable to me. Then again, it doesn’t tickle my fancy in the warmer weather either. But it’s always on my mind and after much procrastination lately I’ve realised that I’ve mastered the art of avoiding dieting to lose weight. It may appear intentional but I think that unconsciously I have somehow succeeded in veering towards sugar loaded and fatty foods rather than eating healthy. Weight loss is far from my mind when I see sugar.

What are the secrets to this success?

1 – Say you will start on Monday

To some of us it just sounds best to start a new regime of any sort on the first day of the working week. Then when you get to Monday there are so many other excuses you can find to say this idea failed. If you work you can blame catching Mondayitis, or if you’re a stay at home mum like me you can say the kids drove you to devouring the chocolate and biscuits with their uncontrollable behaviour. Another good excuse could be that you forgot half of the vital ingredients for your meal plan when you did your weekend grocery shopping. So it’s going to have to be rescheduled for next Monday. Ah well, another week of eating comfort food to try and clear up the fridge and pantry of the non-diet food! What a nuisance…

2 – Make someone else do it instead

If there is someone else in your household you can encourage them to start their own diet plan and accidentally forget to organise your own. I did this last week with my husband! The idea was, as it usually is, that we both need to start a new diet. So I asked hubby to write out a shopping list of what he needs for his new healthy eating plan. I went out to get the shopping done and strangely returned with only what he wrote down on the list. There were no additions of healthy food for me. My excuse was that I was rushing to get back to the kids. But then I looked at the time and realised my shopping trip was not a quick one at all. So the excuse was not accepted. I just didn’t plan for me is what really happened. And also, I just loved being able to shop on my own for the first time in a long, long, long time that it (the diet plan) all just escaped me. My trick was not disguised well and the next grocery shopping trip became a family outing!!!

3 – Exercise but don’t change your eating habits

I never used to like working out but now I try to fit in 2 to 3 activities a week. At times I do things on my own whilst the boys nap or I involve them with going out for a walk. I’ve also been taking part in Kangatraining – a baby wearing fitness activity. But yes you can easily guess that my eating habits have not improved. And then I complain about my weight not shifting as I expect it to. One week I lose a little bit of weight and the next week it piles back on. I’ve got the Yo-Yo diet effect all sorted. Whining about not losing weight despite working out but still eating the same is another one of my powers. I’m super at that! You can try it too if you want to.

4 – Keep chocolate within reach of adults

My boy’s Easter egg hunt baskets that are full of chocolate are still sitting on our dining table more than a fortnight ago now. Despite this easy access for them I am amazed that hubby and I have been able to control our children’s feasting of chocolate quite well lately. So when these chocolates appear to be reducing in quantity who is the consumer? Yes you can easily guess that I, Curvy Mummy, am guilty as charged. I also have the upper hand of being mummy because only I know of any possible stashes around the house and can govern how much and how often I get to dig in.

5 – Do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach

Most of the time I do my grocery shopping I go hungry. So everything looks good and the sales are unmissable. The smells of the bakery always have me lingering a little too long. But the result, the contents of my shopping trolley are enhanced with cake and fresh bread. Have you heard people say “never shopping at the supermarket on an empty stomach”. I just nod my head, smile and say “yes, that’s a wonderful idea that I should try”. But I don’t. Without fail every time I use a shopping list I walk out with more. I can never just purchase what was on my shopping list.

These are my current top 5 ways to avoid starting a new weight loss diet plan. But with today being the first day of the working week and of the calendar month my thoughts are changing. Should I seize this day and make a fresh start? Or really, should I just sit back and watch my hubby keep going. Hey, maybe I’m trying to learn and pick up tricks from his own success to eating healthy. I could keep working out and not eat well and it might just surprise me and start showing results… What about sneaking the chocolate when nobody can see me? What a really good way to avoid the dreaded diet plan… Also, I could so easily find a reason to go shopping during the week to pick up something we forgot over the weekend…


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