IVF & PCOS Struggles – with Minna Boldt


The struggles of trying to conceive are many. It isn’t always easy to open up and share this type of personal information. But today we have a lovely real Mumma sharing her experience with us. Minna Boldt talks to us about IVF & PCOS and the added struggle of dealing with unwanted body weight. Minna is a real Mumma sharing her story to help encourage and empower other Mums out there to go for what they want. Some women yearn for the miracle of pregnancy for a long time. They may or may not get to experience it. After having a read of this beautiful personal account from Minna drop her a comment. And even as any questions you may have. Continue reading “IVF & PCOS Struggles – with Minna Boldt”

Own Your BS – Bree Stedman

own your bs

I am honoured to be sharing with you a cyber interview with a self driven successful business woman. Bree Stedman’s work is inspired by her own life as a mum, both the chaos and the clarity are her inspiration. Own your BS is available online and in workshops which you can attend in person. In this cyber interview Bree shares a lot of her own experiences and explains how you can Own your BS with her online tools. Remember the links will be available for you at the finish line too… Continue reading “Own Your BS – Bree Stedman”

Alex & Aloe – Facing Beauty

Alex & Aloe

This Curvy Feature today is one that I have been waiting to present to you for a while. Marie is the amazing and beautiful talented one half of Alex & Aloe – a hand made brand of vegan skincare & home fragrances. The thing I love most about our social media friendship is how much I can relate to Marie as a Mum. Even when there are differences the communication with her regular updates always gets me laughing or saying “omg me too”. We have this little cyber interview we have put together for you… Read on to have a little laugh, find out some interesting beauty facts and what Alex & Aloe are all about. Continue reading “Alex & Aloe – Facing Beauty”

MEGA – Mums Exercise Groups Australia

MEGA Mumlife

Fitness for mums can never be over rated. I know that before I got myself into the routine that I have now I was always tired and my immunity wasn’t so good either. This article is a guest post written by a lovely mumma who would like to spread the word about MEGA. It’s a wonderful initiative for mums to help promote their health and fitness. I won’t say too much more, read on… Continue reading “MEGA – Mums Exercise Groups Australia”

Lauren Kate Photography – Melbourne

It’s been a lucky year for this Curvy Mummy so far with winning prizes from giveaways I have entered. The best one so far was this photo shoot I won with Lauren Kate Photography. We had the session over the weekend and I’ve been getting sneak peaks of the captures. Lauren was so polite and easy to chat with. My boys usually take ages to warm up to new people they meet. But with Lauren it took no time and we were able to get into the snapping within minutes of meeting up. Continue reading “Lauren Kate Photography – Melbourne”

Sophia. – Ethical Homewares and Stationery

This blog post is part of the Curvy Feature. Sophie from Sophia. has kindly written this post to tell Curvy Mummy readers about her Ethical Homewares and Stationery business. After you finish reading head over and give her some love on the socials listed and check out her website.
I’m Sophie, founder and sole owner of Sophia Mulheran designs. From a very early age, I’ve had an extreme passion for the environment, the outdoors and anything creative. As I’ve become older, I’ve fantasised about a business where I could merge all my passions into one and be able to share it with the world around me. Living on acreage and having cubby house building as a full time hobby has probably led me to where I am today. 

Continue reading “Sophia. – Ethical Homewares and Stationery”

The Date Night In by Date Crate Australia

date night in, Date Crate Austalia

What does the Date Night In mean? For me as a mother, before I found Date Crate Australia, I never worried about getting a date night in with my hubby. I focused on our family unit and never wondered what that time alone would actually be like. We were getting some time alone. And up until recently it was enough. Truly, I did used to think it was enough. But from the very first Date Crate box that I got to surprise my hubby with everything changed. Continue reading “The Date Night In by Date Crate Australia”

Toothbrush that also flosses by Mouthwatchers


As a mum I’ve learned to welcome change a lot more. So when I see something new that has potential to help me lead a healthy lifestyle for my family I give it a go. I’ve had the chance to trial a new anti-bacterial Toothbrush from Mouthwatchers Australia. You too have a chance to get your hands on a free toothbrush from Mouthwatchers as well. Keep reading. Continue reading “Toothbrush that also flosses by Mouthwatchers”

Seriously Milestones – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy


This week’s instalment of the Friday Feature is a little different. It’s in the form of a Q & A that I’m so thrilled to share with you. Seriously Milestones is a business operated by a beautiful mumma that truly is an inspiration. This beautiful lady is seriously funny, genuine and compassionate. I’m so honoured to be in her cyber company. I feel privileged to be able to share with you this script today. Without further ado, scroll on and keep going all the way to the last word. Then, seriously just click on the link to find out more. You seriously will love this insight into the lady behind Seriously Milestones. Continue reading “Seriously Milestones – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy”