Feeling Judged – part of Mumlife

Mumlife, Feeling Judged

When I was a first time Mum I didn’t think I needed mum friends. I was overwhelmed with the thought of trying to make friends at the ripe age of 35. There was pressure from the world outside to socialise and to get out of the house. But I felt judged and didn’t want to expose myself to anymore criticism than what I already had been exposed to. Feeling judged and knowing that there were other people possibly seeing me as incompetent brought me down. And I allowed it to. Continue reading “Feeling Judged – part of Mumlife”

Mumlife Support Group – Australia


When two Mums put their brains and hearts together what do they come up? An amazing initiative that is the Mumlife Support Group for Australian Mums on Facebook. Haley of Mumlife The Label and myself have joined forces to bring all mummas this support network. Haley and I are excited and passionate about this Mumlife Support Group. We are hosting this new platform for Mummas to be able to share all their ups and downs. To receive the support that they seek and give it back whenever they feel they can. Continue reading “Mumlife Support Group – Australia”

Stay At Home Mum or Working Mum

Stay At Home Mum

What is the difference between a Stay at Home Mum and a Working Mum? Not much really. Both roles are quite exhausting. However, during the last 4 years I’ve often felt judged for being a Stay at Home Mum. I’ve heard the joke of me being lazy for not being keen on returning to work. People have even assumed that I’m financially well off.  I’m not about to go into justifying my choice. Because that’s what it is. It is my choice to be at home so that I could enjoy my babies early years. So that I wouldn’t miss out on the little moments that I hear so many other mums say they do. Continue reading “Stay At Home Mum or Working Mum”

Party Time and Play Time, Together Baby – Yeah!

micks jump n play

Birthdays for me as a child used to just mean a cake, candles, and maybe the song. As I got older it became cake and a drink to celebrate. Or just a nice night out. But now that I have children it’s all about the party time. I don’t want my boys to miss out on the things that I did. As a mum this is one of the things that I’m passionate about. Seeing my children happy makes me happier. One thing I strive for is to make each of my babies birthdays memorable and extra special. Continue reading “Party Time and Play Time, Together Baby – Yeah!”

Better Late Than Never – 5 fun facts about me

better late than never

Wow, almost two months into 2018 and I have finally picked up my pen again! My last blog post was in the first week of December last year. It’s taken me a long time but… better late than never I say! That, my friends, is my new motto. Better Late Than Never… I’m proudly displaying it as my tagline for the blog. And people who really know me will vouch for me as always being the one everyone is waiting for to turn up to the party! Continue reading “Better Late Than Never – 5 fun facts about me”

The Struggle Is Real, But It’s Worth It

The Struggle is Real, Fitness, Fitmum, #fitcurvymummy

There is so much going on in my head at the moment. I’ve been on this health journey since May 2017. There have been plenty of ups and downs. During the last month I’ve struggled with the balancing act that is Motherhood and everything else I want in my life. Yes, the struggle is real. After a whole lot of contemplation I came back to how deeply I feel about putting my family first. Continue reading “The Struggle Is Real, But It’s Worth It”

Yarrawonga – Life by the Lake

We love our little family holidays. So far we have kept to short stays in places we can drive to. We’ve been fortunate to have taken our dogs a few times as well. This time as they are both no longer with us anymore it was very different. Our recent stay at the Yarrawonga-Mulwala Big 4 Holiday Park was the first short getaway without them in our lives. But it was still amazing. Visiting places in the Murray Region always helps us to be at peace with Continue reading “Yarrawonga – Life by the Lake”

Finding Myself Again After Becoming a Mother

finding myself, motherhood

During my childhood and adolescent years I was surrounded by a lot of stronger personalities. I was the youngest of a large family. Our cultural background encouraged girls to have a calm and ladylike demeanor. Therefore my upbringing instigated a foundation for a timid and shy personality. I never actively tried finding myself and it didn’t occur until my late 20s. I was single with no prospects of the future I always dreamed of. But one day I woke up to Continue reading “Finding Myself Again After Becoming a Mother”

How Was Your Day Love?

how was your day, family life

Living as a one income family has its perks and perils. There was a time where it was the norm for the husband to be the sole bread winner. I remember the days where it was expected for a woman to be a housewife. Women stayed home to care for their babies and to be there when their older children arrived from school. Housewives have been portrayed in the media as pretty and well-groomed in the past. They always had perfect manners and greeted their husbands with; How was your day love? I mostly remember this in films such as Bewitched and Happy Days. Yes those are really old films but I loved Continue reading “How Was Your Day Love?”