Mama, are you looking after yourself?

motherhood rising

I don’t believe I could say enough about how motherhood changed me as a person and I believe that the changes are not limited. As I get older (squint) my life takes me to places I do and don’t expect. Therefore my experiences are multiplying and varying by the day. It’s up to me to grasp the opportunities that are accompanying said experiences.

With child number one I let myself fall into the trap of neglecting my own wellbeing. I put all of my effort into just being mum. It was all about feed baby, bath baby, change baby, clean house, cook dinner (or complain that I didn’t Continue reading “Mama, are you looking after yourself?”

Why do we need mama besties?

mama besties, always friends

Mama besties are the best. Mum friends are there for each other but some mums take some time to find this out. In social media there are often articles shared in news feeds about how new mums are lonely. How they are in need of adult interaction.

When I became pregnant the first time I was at a point in my life where I didn’t feel the need to hold on too tight to friendships. I was extremely happy to have found the man I would spend the rest of my life with. And so my focus was on beginning a family and creating more happiness for our future together. I concentrated on our marriage and our pregnancy. Some friends were still in Continue reading “Why do we need mama besties?”

Motherhood embraced me with change

Motherhood changed me

Up until my late twenties I was no extravert. I had been warned a few times that I needed to get out of my shell. A dear friend recently put it in such a succinct description… I grew up with a convoy of brothers and sisters who were even more protective of me than what my parents were. Being the youngest of ten made me timid and at times unable to socialise. To cut a long story short I eventually moved myself out of the cocoon, got married and started a family. I became part of the world of Motherhood.

For a long time I knew I wanted to become a mum. My approach to the nine months of my first pregnancy was mostly dreamy and full of happy thoughts. I thought about change in a positive sense. I imagined holding my baby close to

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When you love food and your baby bears turn into fussy eaters

I love food and I often wonder what people think. When in a shopping centre food court how will people see me as a mother if I got KFC for the kids and some sushi for myself? What do people think when I give in to my toddler and get him a donut at midday and it’s so obvious that it was going to be his lunch? And then I wonder, do they look at me and imagine that I’m eating my children’s food because they are like sticks and I, well, I just don’t appear to be on the underfed side.

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