Easy Baked Frittata – Curvy Style

easy baked frittata

Since beginning my transformation journey I have contemplated sharing recipes along the way. I’ve gone as far as posting some pictures of meals I or my hubby made. But now I’m sharing my recipes. I’m not a recipe creator, definitely not. I do however enjoy tweaking lists of ingredients and methods of creation to suit my taste. The first recipe I want to share with you is an Easy Baked Frittata. Continue reading “Easy Baked Frittata – Curvy Style”

The Struggle Is Real, But It’s Worth It

The Struggle is Real, Fitness, Fitmum, #fitcurvymummy

There is so much going on in my head at the moment. I’ve been on this health journey since May 2017. There have been plenty of ups and downs. During the last month I’ve struggled with the balancing act that is Motherhood and everything else I want in my life. Yes, the struggle is real. After a whole lot of contemplation I came back to how deeply I feel about putting my family first. Continue reading “The Struggle Is Real, But It’s Worth It”