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What is self-care and why is it so important? If you’re a mumma or a mum-to-be have you thought about it? Are you practicing self-care already or aren’t you? I hadn’t even thought about all of this until recently. In the past I may have done a few things here and there that could be classified as self-care. But when I became a mum the first time I let it all escape out the door.

Why do some of us care for ourselves during pregnancy so much, and then not when we finally have our baby in our arms? That’s what I did. I put my baby first

always. I didn’t intend on neglecting myself. But learning to be a mother took more out of me than I expected.

What’s all the fuss about? It’s about caring for ourselves as mothers so that we are able to better care for the ones we love.

Christie and Emma of Embraced Mummas are on a mission to enlighten as many mummas out there as possible. They are inspired by their own motherhood journeys to create a place where other mums can turn to for support.

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‘This is your space to breathe easy, from our hearts to yours, we want to help you find comfort, joy and harmony within yourself so that you can follow the path through motherhood that feels right to you.’

If you are struggling to turn to people you know for help you will find this is an ideal place to go. Embraced Mummas offers you the chance to be part of an online community full of compassion and empathy. Mums know how others mums feel and can offer help without judgement.

‘Embraced Mummas empowers mums and mums-to-be to feel confident in their parenting choices by sharing honest, real, lived experiences and trusted resources created by other mums.’


Christie and Emma run a four week online course called The Mindful Mums Project. It is set to start on Monday 24 July, 2017. The aim of this e-course is to help you find yourself again. These mummas want to help you to strive to find your purpose. From their website I felt that I had to share this line with you:

‘As mums it is so easy to lose our sense of self, take this time now to rediscover the person you desire to be.’

Do it for yourself and your family.

You can follow Embraced Mummas on Facebook and Instagram. All their contact details and more information about the Mindful Mums Project can be found at


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