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The moment I became a mother my heart jumped out of my body. I watch it grow day by day. Lauren captured my heart in these family photos. I could not have dreamed them up to be any more beautiful.

Like most Mums I’m pretty good at taking heaps of photos. I’m super at just storing them on my phone or on my laptop. I’ve gone as far as printing some family photos to put in frames around our home. But I’ll let you in on a major fail…

I haven’t made any albums!!! Not even our Wedding Album yet…

It’s not that I don’t want to. It is because I am time poor. Or it is because I put the job of raising my boys first. I always think to myself at least I’m clicking away and I’m keeping the photos saved for future use. I’m a little lazy I think because of how easy it is to keep photos these days. Gone are the days where you have to take your film to the Photo Store and wait for the pictures to be printed. Just save away on your smart phone… until it’s out of memory and then you move it all onto the computer (laptop) whatever you use.

Lauren (Lauren Kate Photography) provided us with the 10 beautifully edited images on a USB stick to keep. The job for me is so easy now. Or is it… how easy is it gonna be to choose the size and type of printing and where to put them!?

But also, now that I’ve got these amazing images to print I’m thinking I need to start from the beginning. But let’s be realistic. I’m really going to print these first and find their places on the walls. Then I’ll get into the albums that my hubby thinks are never gonna happen…ha!



I highly recommend following Lauren to watch her talent keep on developing. There are some amazing images I’ve seen her post over the past few weeks you have to check them out. If you’re in need of a photography for baby or family shoots need I say more…

Lauren Kate Photography


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