Fit mum Kimmy Smith on Motherhood and her Fit Mummy Project

I no longer question how to find time to be a fit mum. I no longer let time constraints overrule my day. I’m on my way to achieving my mission. To become a fit mum with at least 3 short workouts a week.

Of late I’ve become more open minded about a lot of things. One of which is getting active to become a fit mum. I’ve started doing more by making the most of the outdoors with my family. I’m also making use of the fitness equipment we have at home. It’s not just sitting and collecting dust as it has in the past.

So, with my new found energy I’ve realised that there is so much that I can still do to improve my fitness as a stay home mum. I can include so much in my routine at home to be a fit mum. But it’s also so good to get out with the children and do something with them that will be a big benefit for my health.

In my quest to be part of the blogging world I’ve been finding a lot of new resources that encourage mums to get fit. There are so many people aiming to raise awareness of the importance of post-natal health recovery. The focus is on both medical and recreational ideas. Kimmy Smith, personal trainer and yoga instructor, is driven to teach all mums what she knows about post-natal fitness.

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Through her own venture into motherhood Kimmy  experienced a lot of change. She came to the realisation that the changes that occur in this journey work better for you as a fit mum when you embrace them. Kimmy has built a great blog about her fitness. Through it she strives to show other mums how she makes being a fit mum work with the busy mum lifestyle.

Kimmy wants to help other Mums to be able to feel beautiful, fit and strong, She shares positive workouts, wellness and health tips and inspiring interviews. She says, “As a personal trainer and someone used to being super fit, I really struggled with the changes that happened to my body after having a baby. On top of that, I no longer had the time or the energy to be able to train the way I used to. So I wanted to show other Mums that they could incorporate exercise into their day in a way that would help them to feel energised and strong. “

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The main inspiration for Kimmy to start her blog was her struggles as a Mum. She found becoming a Mum to be a steep learning curve and that it is so challenging in so many ways. Kimmy believes that almost every aspect of our lives change and she says; “We often change careers, the way we spend our time changes, our bodies change, we go through huge emotional changes and our relationship changes. To me, this is also a huge opportunity for growth. So I use the lessons I have learned as inspiration for my writing.”

Gaining fit mum status for Kimmy was not only vital for her own Post-partum health. But also for her to share her skills and knowledge with other mums.

Kimmy plans to be a blogger for a long time! She would love to see her blog evolve to become a place where Mums can visit when they want to feel inspired and nurtured. So when I asked her if there were particular topics she liked blogging about the most I was not surprised at her passion for;

Embracing the changes to our bodies rather than trying to bounce back.

Taking care of our own wellbeing as Mums and prioritising our own health and wellbeing.

In delving more into defining motherhood Kimmy shares that she believes it is the ability to love unconditionally. To put aside your own self-interests and doubts. To allow your children the greatest opportunity to flourish and grow. I really got goose bumps with the next thing she said;

“Motherhood is also about the birth and growth of me as a Mother. I want to embrace these qualities in my life, so that I can care and nurture all those around me. Not just my children.”

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Would you agree that the role of a mum is more than a full time job in itself? It’s wonderful to see another woman achieve so much with work and family life balance. Kimmy says; “I think I have an OK balance, although I still feel guilty all the time that I’m not doing enough. My trick is to find out what is important to you in your life. Then try to find a balance between those things. My family, my work and my health are most important to me. Most of the time my family comes first. But sometimes my health needs more attention and sometimes my work is the priority. But I try to always come back to a place where I am taking care of all three. “

Kimmy has just launched the Fit Mummy Project App which is a complete postnatal fitness and wellbeing App for mothers who want to find a way to becoming a fit mum! It has over 35 workouts that Mums can do from home with little or no equipment. This includes fitness, strength, yoga, barre and meditation workouts. You can download the Fit Mummy Project App from the App store.

fit mummy project app fit mummy project app

So much thought has been put into the development of this app. It includes making it affordable for all mums. The purchase is a one off cost with no hidden sign up fees along the way. And for a limited time is only $4.49… There is a load more of information on Kimmy’s blog and for FAQs follow this link.

In conclusion, get into your fit mum mood for the celebration of the launch of the Fit Mummy Project App. Kimmy is giving away over $1,000 worth of prizes including a:

  • Claudine + Ash Nappy Bag valued at $500.
  • Baby Björn Baby Carrier One Air. Valued at $249.
  • Project Nursery Mum + Baby Smart Band. Valued at $249.95
  • Hello Monday Active Gift Pack valued at $160
  • Krew Active Gift Voucher valued at $89.

Follow this link to enter the comp!!!

You can follow Kimmy Smith on Instagram (@kimmysmithfit) or Facebook(@fitmummysquad)   Her amazing work is encouraging mums to find time to be fit mums, healthy and happy in their own mum time.

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