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Last week I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I went out. No not for a big night out. I’m not sure how I’ll survive one of those at this stage. My outing was to a Free Fat Loss Seminar. I stalked my friend’s Facebook page as I always do and saw a link she was tagged in for this event. It was at going to be at this gorgeous little gym she has been attending for just over a year now. Evolving Physiques is co-owned and operated by two amazing people, Patrick Hong and Hilal Husseyin. With my current Stay at Home Mum status I’m being extra cautious with my spending. There is an informal budget that my husband and I work with. We discuss things as they become necessary to our day to day living. So the Free Fat Loss Seminar had me at the word Free…

I didn’t confirm my attendance straight away. The seminar was going to be in the evening. Winter evenings are so cold and dark. I haven’t been out on my own past 6pm I think in a very long time. My hubby knew I needed a push to go for it. Plus he was happy for me to learn more about Fat Loss because he is getting eager to do something for himself too. So his encouragement made my decision easier.

My friend Nat was so excited when I expressed my interest in this Fat Loss seminar. She was one of the guest speakers and having an old friend there meant a lot to her. And for me I was more excited that she was going to be there and I was going to get to see her do some public speaking… I filmed her and she didn’t like that…hehehe. So, sorry I can’t share the video clip but here is a nice collage of the moment 😉

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So I there I was, giving my gorgeous family kisses. I headed out in my car after dinner to get to the Free Fat Loss Seminar. So you know how strange it feels to be in the car without children at that time of the night for the first time? I went with Nat and the non-stop talking was switched on all the way until I dropped her off back at home. Besides getting lots of information about Fat Loss I felt alive because the social feel at Evolving Physiques was incredible.

I was welcomed with the happiest faces I’ve seen in a long time. Everybody at the gym was mingling and so excited to be there. It was an amazing atmosphere that just gets you motivated before you can even say that you need help. In addition to the free Fat Loss information these guys were offering there was also a raffle. One lucky lady won a year’s supply of Protein Powder!!! How awesome and generous is that?

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Ok I know you’re now thinking hurry up and spill the beans. What are the secrets to Fat Loss? Well of course I wasn’t going to get the full knowledge in one seminar. But what I did get was so much to change my eating habits already. I learned the I need bring these next six things into my daily routine:

1 – Perform Intense Exercise

2 – Improve Omega 3 Intake

3 – Increase Meal Frequency

4 – Plan to Prepare or Prepare to Fail

5 – Find an Accountability Partner

6 – Set Goals and Have a Deadline

From the above titles you can kind of guess what they each mean but at the same time you can’t. So, yes, I took notes as well. From my own interpretation of these secrets to Fat Loss I can tell you a few things. Exercise is great but you need to be careful how much and what you need to do. Patrick explained to us that to achieve Fat Loss you need at least 25-30 mins cardio and 45-60 mins of weight or resistance training. He then spoke about Training age which was something that I found very interesting and different. You don’t usually hear a personal trainer advising you to train only 2-3 times a week. The norm, I thought, was to promote their business by getting you at the gym as many days of the week as possible.

What is Training Age? Well first, it has no time off. There are three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You’re a Beginner if you have been training for less than 12 months. If you have been training for 12 months or more then you may be in the Intermediate category. Then if you think you have been training for 3 years or more then you may be have the Advanced title in Training Age.

There is a catch before you try to claim one of these titles. The Intermediate and Advanced categories are only valid if your training has not included any time off. If you have taken a week or two off to enjoy that holiday or just to give yourself some R&R then you must crawl your way back to beginner. To me that is not a bad thing. It even makes me realise how achievable my goals are going to be with this mentality being a busy mum of two little boys. I don’t mind if I’m going to be a beginner for a little or a long while. But I’m not too sure what Pat and Hilal think of that…

At Evolving Physiques they educate you about the strategies that really work when you choose to combine training with a healthy eating plan for Fat Loss. Hilal was brilliant with rolling out so much information from the moment I walked through the doors of their gym home. I understood everything she was saying and it registered with me because it was all with passion. Hilal believed in what she was saying to me and I could make sense of it all.

I’m not going to reveal too much more today about my newly acquired education on Fat Loss. But I’ll let you know that I’m planning on going back for a consultation at Evolving Physiques. After seeing so many great success stories on their Wall of Fame I’m so eager. My husband is encouraging, my friend Nat has inspired me and the awesome family of Evolving Physiques have drawn me to them with their amazing atmosphere. Stay tuned for more, I think there’s a high chance you will be hearing more about this great place over the coming weeks!


If you’re eager to find out more about Evolving Physiques click on the links below to follow them on social media. Also, if you think you may be ready to join a Transformation program that really does work to get you Fat Loss results the next one at EP begins on the 12th September 2017.

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