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It’s been a lucky year for this Curvy Mummy so far with winning prizes from giveaways I have entered. The best one so far was this photo shoot I won with Lauren Kate Photography. We had the session over the weekend and I’ve been getting sneak peaks of the captures. Lauren was so polite and easy to chat with. My boys usually take ages to warm up to new people they meet. But with Lauren it took no time and we were able to get into the snapping within minutes of meeting up.

I had a couple of locations in my mind that are close to home for a long time now. When I got this opportunity with Lauren Kate Photography I thought I’d give it a go. My family and I live in the West side of Melbourne and Lauren is from the East. I was overjoyed when she agreed to travel our way and I’m over the moon with what I have seen so far. Truly, when Lauren let me look at a couple of the images on her camera my heart skipped a beat. Each time I get a new sneak peak my heart jumps out of my body and dances… Ok, I know that is physically impossible but that’s just how much I am thrilled with our first ever professional Family photo shoot.

So enough for now hearing me boast about this gorgeous young aspiring Photographer! I present you with a Q & A that Lauren has kindly taken time to complete and allow me to share with you all. You will be very interested to hear about her pet snakes… Then keep going to the end to find all the social links for Lauren Kate Photography!


Give us a quick intro… name, where you’re from..and who are you mum to?

My names Lauren, Loz, Lozza or Lozzie, whatever you’d like! I’m from the outer east of Melbourne and I have a little cheeky 11 month old called Brooklyn !

Do you have any pets?

I do!! I have a dog called Daisy, a cat called Freckles and I also have 4 snakes!!! Their names are Stebyi, Nagini, Bimbimbie and Charlie!! I have owned quite a lot of reptiles over my lifetime so far but that’s a whole other story!

What’s your favourite kids tv show? We gotta admit we watch them too ????

Oooh, tough one! Paw Patrol is pretty good, but there’s also this really cute show on Netflix called True! And Brooklyn loves it because there’s a cat in it…

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

I can’t think of anything, no one can really pull the wool over my eyes often!

What’s your favourite part about being a mum? Or one of?…because we all know the mere are so many.

I love cuddles although Brooklyn doesn’t really cuddle me. I love watching her grow and learn and to think I made her is just crazy!! Also love just staring at her (creep)

Lauren Kate

What’s the hardest thing about being Mum?

The hardest thing for me from the start has been the sleep side of things. Brooklyn still doesn’t sleep through or properly for that matter so I am still a constant zombie! It’s an absolute killer!!

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

I’d change my name to “do not disturb” haha! Only joking, I love my name and I wouldn’t change it at all.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

I’ve only traveled around Australia so far but I am going to Mauritius at the end of the year which I’m am very excited about! But within Australia my favourite place is the Northern Territory.

Tell us a funny ‘guess what my kid did’ story!

.. my kid almost ate dog poop.. I was very proud of myself for looking away for 0.2 of a second!

Lauren Kate

What piece of advice would you give to a mum-to-be about what to expect when you bring your baby home?

That you will literally live in bed or on the couch. Also, just try to sleep as much as you can and not worry about anything but you and bubs!

Lauren Kate

Is there anything that you never had as a child that you want for your own kid/s?

Not really, my mum provided me with everything I needed. Even if it wasn’t everything I wanted. I learned how to work for things I wanted from that!

Is there anyone specific you would like to thank for helping you through motherhood?

My mum!!! She has been my absolute rock and I wouldn’t be here without her! She sacrifices everything for me and I’m so forever grateful.

Lauren Kate

Now tell us about your biz.

My business is Lauren Kate Photography! I have always had an interest in photography but only 12 months ago I decided to make a business out of it! And looking back I have learned and grown so much even in just one year! I do mainly baby and family portraits and I just love working with children. This way I get to be creative about it and it’s just a Dream for me! I hope that my business keeps growing and building as I grow and build too!

Lauren Kate
This is one of the sneak peeks I have got so far from our amazing photo shoot with Lauren Kate Photography!!!

Below are the links for you to get social with Lauren and consider her as your photographer for you next children/family photo shoot!!!



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