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Learn to Eat. Love to Eat. – Such a simple term with so much meaning. It’s a wonderful introduction to an initiative that helps parents find food ideas to get through the introduction of solids for babies and the childhood phase of fussy eating. Developed by speech pathologists, ‘Learn to Eat. Love to Eat’ is a business that runs workshops for parents/carer of young children. Rachel and Nicole have extensive experience in the field of infant and child feeding. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge to help parents develop good feeding habits with their children. 

It’s a great power when two mums of toddlers join forces because they can relate to the daily challenges toddlers bring to the table.  It’s even better when they use this power to help other mums going through the same struggle with their own fussy eaters. Currently 2 workshops are run for parents of babies and toddlers in Melbourne and Geelong.

Here are some details for you from Rachel and Nicole:

Our Baby Workshop (3-8 months) is for parents who would like more confidence starting and progressing solids. Parents learn how:

  • To prepare for a positive start to eating;
  • To adjust your daily routine to include mealtimes;
  • Your baby learns to eat a range of food and enjoy mealtimes;
  • Your role as a parent in helping your child to learn to eat;
  • to identify food ideas to get started and to continue to encourage the development of eating skills, and;
  • to prepare for safety at mealtimes.

Our Toddler Workshop (1-3 years) is for parents/carers who would like to make mealtimes more enjoyable for their children and learn how to increase the range of food their child eats.  Parents/carers learn how:

  • To make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone;
  • Toddler development relates to mealtime behaviours;
  • To respond appropriately to mealtime behaviours, and
  • To help your child learn to eat a larger variety of foods.

We run small group workshops so parents can feel comfortable sharing experiences and ask questions.  All our information is based on current research.

Our aim is to empower parents and give them confidence that their response to their child’s behaviour at a mealtime is going to foster a positive relationship between their child and food.

#whatareyoueatingwednesday update Mr W had a typical Thursday! Like most parents, we were concerned that because Mr W decided not to eat dinner last night, he would wake early this morning. He actually gave us an extra 30 mins sleep-in! The rest of the day was uneventful. Phew he is not sick. Turns out he just wasn't hungry for dinner. Prior to having Mr W, I discussed with parents @ellyn_satter_institute 's 'Division of Responsibility in Feeding' almost daily at work. I could see when families followed the recommendation of allowing their child to decide whether to eat/how much to eat, it made such a positive difference to their child's mealtimes (research also proves this). It has been rewarding experience following the responsibilities as a parent. I feel confident that my toddler is building a positive relationship with a range of food, even when he doesn't eat it (and that's OK). I turned last nights dinner in to pumpkin, lamb and cheese wraps for today's lunch. He ate 3 out of the 4 pieces. Yum! If you would like to know more about the 'Division of Responsibility in Feeding' come along to one of our Baby or Toddler workshops: https://www.learntoeat.com.au/booknow/

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Our social media accounts aim to provide fun food ideas, meal ideas, education about starting solids, fussy toddler eating and a few funnies along the way.  We include real life food experiences from our own toddlers each week.  The photos of our meals are ‘real life’ examples rather than staged and glamorous photos that are difficult to relate to.


So, from my own experience I never thought about preparing myself to help my children to learn to eat. I just thought you get the food ready and feed them. There is so much more to it. The lessons I teach spontaneously on a daily basis aren’t always getting through to my boys. I’ve repeated the class with them endless times and believe this is going to be the norm for a long time. Frustration amidst the mess and the cries of not wanting particular foods is soon forgotten by the end of it.

learn to eat, fussy eaters
Here is a moment where I finally convinced my oldest boy to try peanut butter on a rice cracker. The sprinkles did the convincing really!

I am not shy to say that I Love to Eat. So when my boys both threw the challenge of fussy eating at me my world was shattered. Not literally of course. I just expected them to love food as much as I do. I thought it would be easy to teach them to learn to eat. So I’ve come to the finding that I’m also actually learning along the way with them.

These workshops are such a great idea. I know that the lesson to learn to eat will be ongoing for my children. Even as adults we still have a lot to learn about food. So it’s great to see something like this out there which provides ideas when we are in need of some more education about learning to eat.

Use special code ‘CURVY20’ for 20% off these upcoming workshops-

St Kilda (Baby)                               22nd of August, 2017

Brunswick (Toddler)                  28th of August, 2017

Further details about ‘Learn to Eat. Love to Eat’. workshop dates and other information can be found at www.learntoeat.com.au

Plus, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well.


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