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It’s so nice to sit down and spend time to look at another Mum’s social media properly. Choosing to scroll through quickly and just see what the algorithms like you to see is easy. You give a little love in likes. You may even drop a little comment if the content inspires you to. But do you ever stop to read the tiny About section on a Facebook page or an Instagram profile? What do you think when you see the title The Live Clean Mumma? 

First things first… I want to share with you the small yet powerful message from this Facebook page:

Just your everyday mum of 2 with everyday issues finding the good in everyday…

Mumlife introductions

My name is Tegan, I am a 24 year old mother of 2 boys and have been married for 4 years. If I could  describe my #mumlife in 1 word it would have to be Honest! No smoke and mirrors, no BS, just a mum learning each day as it comes, just like every other mum out there. I love helping other mummas in any way I can.

Tell us about your biz…or what kind of work do you do?

I work from home doing a couple of things. I own a Beauty Salon with my mother, have a little sewing business with my mother in-law where we go to markets, but my main passion is marketing non toxic Products via a company called Modere. I fell in love with the products when they changed my family’s overall health which in return made me more mindful of what we ate, what we put on our bodies and what’s in the environment around us, which resulted in creating my Mummy blog The Live Clean Mumma.
live clean

What kind of work did you do before becoming a mum?

I left school in year 9 and began an apprenticeship in hairdressing and became fully qualified before I had even turned 18. I continued hairdressing for 4 years and in that time also became a Makeup artist. I still do both hairdressing and makeup for our salon when needed. 

How did you find out you were pregnant the first time?

So a bit of a sad beginning, happy ending…. I  first found out I was pregnant a day after my wedding however unfortunately a week later we lost the baby along with my right side tube due to an ectopic pregnancy. After 2 more miscarriages, one at 6weeks and the other at 10weeks. We finally welcomed our beautiful rainbow in 2014. I found out I was pregnant 2 days before Easter ???? best Easter egg ever!

What’s one thing you’ve said to your kid that you’ve never expected to say?

“Come on buddy, pee like daddy” (toilet training at the moment) 

Which household chore do you prefer you kid NOT to help out with?

Definitely the folding Haha! Mason always trys to fold the things I’ve already folded hahhahaha
live clean

What about healthy eating, fitness and how you fit it in with your family lifestyle?

“Healthy eating” in our house is just being aware of what we are putting in our bodies; we do a lot of fresh meat and produce and try not to have much processed foods. We have cut out a lot of sugar and try not to eat too much gluten due to intolerances and skin irritations.

I’ve recently gotten back into playing sports and play NRL for my local Women’s team so between training, games and the occasional walk, keeping fit is becoming quite enjoyable. I’ve always struggled with keeping motivated and keeping to a regular fitness regimen so having the motivation of a team behind you is amazing!


After having a little chat with Tegan again before posting this blog post I thanked her for sharing so much of her personal life. Miscarriage is a topic that we are slowly becoming more comfortable with talking about. But not completely. Also, it isn’t easy for me to forward such questions. I hesitate so much when I send an email to the next Mumma who has accepted my offer to be part of the Curvy Feature. And I don’t always expect all questions to be answered. So, this was Tegan’s next beautiful response which I just have to share as well;

“I feel as though its important to let Mums out there know that it is a common thing and that if they have had loss or are experiencing loss, that they aren’t alone and that it OK to talk about it. But, most importantly, it is healthy to talk about it!”

live clean

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