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Fitness for mums can never be over rated. I know that before I got myself into the routine that I have now I was always tired and my immunity wasn’t so good either. This article is a guest post written by a lovely mumma who would like to spread the word about MEGA. It’s a wonderful initiative for mums to help promote their health and fitness. I won’t say too much more, read on…

Hi… I’m Kirsty, a mother of two little ones & wife to my wonderful supportive husband of 8 years.

MEGA Mumlife

I work part time at a pharmacy & I am also a volunteer facilitator for MEGA Central Coast (Mums Exercise Groups Australia) a volunteer run group, run by mums for mums. Founded in Canberra with branches now all over Australia.

I have 2 children Sophie who is 1 & Noah who is 3. After having Noah I suffered post natal depression & anxiety. I was also struggling with my weight & didn’t even recognise myself anymore when I looked in the mirror. I was also finding I was losing myself & who I was. It was a cocktail for disaster.

The therapist I was seeing suggested that I find something just for me, not for the kids, not for the family… For me! “Me time” as us mums refer to it as Hmmm what even is that!?!

MEGA Mumlife

I found an awesome fitness group & started working out several times a week. It was a huge effort to get out the door but I knew I had to do it for myself & my family. Not only for the physical health reasons but also my mental health.
Over a short amount of time I lost 17kgs, made some awesome friendships & found myself again… & also fell pregnant again!

I vowed to myself to stay fit, stay happy & stay mentally healthy throughout my pregnancy & once bub was born. I kept my promise & then after bub was born I lost my pregnancy weight then some more.

MEGA Mumlife

When a friend first told me about MEGA I just knew I needed to be apart of it. Even if helping run a session means I reach out to just 1 mum who is struggling with motherhood what ever aspect of it that may be. I’ve been there, I understand how hard it is getting out of the house. I understand how daunting it can be stepping out of your comfort zone. And how your lack of fitness seems to diminish after pregnancy. Also, how weak your bladder is after having a baby & how uncomfortable it is jumping around when bub is due for a feed!!

At my sessions I make them suitable for all fitness levels whether you are just starting to return to fitness, you really want to push yourself or if you just wanna get out of the house for some adult conversation & interaction. (Totally get that!!)

MEGA provides free or low cost exercise sessions and events across Australia. It’s such a great community of strong supportive women & I’ve made some wonderful friends there as have my children.

By making myself vulnerable & raw with my MEGA tribe & social media account I’ve found a new confidence & positivity I can hopefully pass on to my children & inspire those I meet on my journey.

Kirsty xx

For more information about MEGA here are the links where you can reach Kirsty on her socials…


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