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When you see the words Motherhood Melbourne what thoughts come to your mind? I first noticed the profile on Instagram during my daily #instastalking activity on Instagram. My first assumption was that this was some sort of social group sharing all things motherhood in social media. As a mum myself and originally from Melbourne I wanted to find out more. I started following, stalked some more on Facebook and liked the page. I even signed up to the awesome newsletter! Looking through the website I found so much useful information for mums, especially useful if you’re a mum from or near Melbourne. I noticed there was an event coming up – exclusive for mums only. Then, when I received the email about the tickets for the Hood Mama Event I

hooked me up a couple for me and a mama-bestie of mine.

If you can’t get enough of motherhood stories  you need to check out Motherhood Melbourne. The following is an awesome guest post from the creator herself, Holly…

Motherhood Melbourne
#jointhehood – @motherhoodmelbourne

The Birth of Motherhood Melbourne

The birth of my son was horrific and almost three years later, I still can’t let it go.  The labour and my stumble into motherhood, left me with a desire to share my story. Not because I wanted to scare preggo mamas awaiting birth, but because I had this need to get it all out of my head. I wanted to be heard because I felt like that was at the heart of why I struggled so much with the experience.

In the early days, I was fortunate that I had a mothers group that bonded well. Even if we could never physically catch up (due to mismatched nap times), having a closed Facebook group to share war stories helped us all get through it. It made me sad to think that some women didn’t have anyone to share the highs and lows with and swap stories about products and services that helped make the mama gig easier.

Motherhood Melbourne

As many new mums do, I spent a great deal of time scrolling through social media and the internet. This mindless activity led to a few ‘OH-MY-GAAAWD’ moments:

  1. A lot of bloggers are sharing their own motherhood tales but where is the place for non-bloggers to contribute?
  2. There are a lot of sites that are alllll about babies and kids but not nearly enough about the actual mamas. Why are we so focused on our kids and their activities/products/events?
  3. Melbourne women were kicking-butt with genius ideas to make mama’s lives easier but it’s kind of hard to find them. Who’s sharing these awesome businesses?

Motherhood Melbourne

These questions floated around for about a year. I didn’t know what to do with them. I just started scribbling down ideas in notebooks and on my phone. There wasn’t a plan as such. Then one day, I decided to silence the noise and just START! I didn’t know what Motherhood Melbourne was going to be, but I kind of felt that very much like motherhood, I could just wing it until it fell into place.

Rather than going full steam ahead, I decided to be a little anonymous about it. I didn’t tell any of my friends or family (not even my hubby) what I was embarking on. Instead, I set a launch deadline but told myself that if I hadn’t got any love or interest before then, I was just going to fade into a dark corner and no one would ever know. The very first Instagram post I shared, one Melbourne mama signed up to my email newsletter. It was so unexpected and such a happy dance moment. Obviously, something had resonated with her. Then by the end of the week, more mamas were picking up, what I was putting down.

On Monday 27th February 2017, launch day had finally arrived. Just as I had hoped, all the pieces fell into place. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of late night huslin’, but I was happy with what I was offering. Motherhood Melbourne isn’t my blog. In fact, I haven’t shared any personal stories on it (yet!). It is a space I created for everyday Melbourne women to share their motherhood stories. You don’t have to be Insta-famous, a blogger or have lots of Facebook friends to contribute. It’s an opportunity to help as much as heal through discussion and connection.

Motherhood Melbourne

The Melbourne focus has helped in building a community. There’s comfort in reading another mother’s story who’s had a similar experience and knowing that they could be lining up behind you at the supermarket check-out or sitting across from you at a cafe. It creates that ‘we’re all in this together’ vibe. Plus, I love to share all of the kick-ass local businesses that create things for mamas. Most of these biz bosses are mums themselves who decided that something was missing and they were going to provide the solution. Inspiring stuff!

There are some really great sites that already share family-friendly events, so I thought best to leave that to them. Instead, I wanted to promote events and activities that women could do when they were off-duty. In the excitement of this, I am hosting an event in September that is exclusively a day for women to let their mum-buns down. The Hood Mama Event is all about indulging (HELLO donuts and bubbles), and connecting with other Melbourne mums. I’m so flippin’ excited to hang out with the real mamas of Melbourne and enjoy a gourmet lunch that doesn’t come with a side of “Muuuuuuum.”

I haven’t quite hit the 6-month mark yet with Motherhood Melbourne but I’ve got a head full of ideas and a basket load of dreams. I’m looking forward to seeing where my biz baby takes me and all the incredible people I’ll get to meet along the way.

MOTHERHOOD – The ultimate extreme sport! So many similarities to the Australian Ninja Warrior course – Trying to make our way through without touching the water. Mustering every bit of strength to hold on for dear life. Racing against a clock to get through it all. Having a few key supporters, cheering from the sidelines. And then when we have nothing left in the tank, we're faced with a steep wall. Sometimes we make it up and other times, it just isn't our day. EXTREME ?? If you're looking for support (a virtual hug ?, coffee ☕️ or wine ?), join the hood at @motherhoodmelbourne. It's for Melbourne mamas and it's created to help us ALL get through the toughest and best hood ever – MOTHERHOOD ?? Link & more info in bio ?? Image credit: #hoodmama @iheartletters_xo

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Holly is the chief mama of Motherhood Melbourne. It is for Melbourne mamas who are surviving motherhood one coffee at a time.

Holly is a mother to one ‘energetic’ (cough- cray-cray) toddler, a flabby pug named Mr Giuseppe and wifey to a man who knows how to rock a dance floor.

If you’d like to share your motherhood story or treat yo-self to indulgent day with other mamas, visit or email

Join the hood for fortnightly EPIC-NESS.


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