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I love writing so much for my blog. But today the writing is from another Mum. This mumma thinks she can’t write but she had me hooked with every little word in this post I’m presenting you with today. Planning to have a baby doesn’t always work out the way we think it will. So you really have to read this personal story shared by Abby from The Mum Life. It’s not easy for everybody to share so much on social media. So hats off to Abby for sharing her story and for her mission to help other Mums with her online store.

Introduce yourself and tell us about your #mumlife in as little or as much words as you like.

Hello, my name is Abby. I’m a mummy of 1 (17 months). Partner to long-term boyfriend. Owner of a bulldog (which has now gone blind ☹). Entrepreneur and business owner of The Mum Life. I became pregnant in 2016 by a complete accident. My #mumlife is pretty hectic learning the ropes as a new mum, running my business in between so I can continue to stay home with my little man. He has taught me so much in his short time he has been with us. He’s taught me how to love, how to laugh and how to care for someone other than myself.

Tell us about your online store. How did it all begin and what inspired you to do it?

The Mum Life started when Jax was 3 months old and my sister was 6 months pregnant. We were sitting on the lounge room couch chatting like sisters do. I was giving her an insight of what to expect when she finally has her bub. I would always say to her “welcome to the mum life”. That is how we decided on our name. I wanted to start the business for 2 reasons – 1. I could not find ANY nice activewear or nursing crops when I was pregnant. And 2. I wanted to be able to stay at home with my little man and not return back to work (I was in account management & sales for Telstra Business).

So I started researching as much as I could, started building my following on Instagram, registered the business name and ABN, then 3 months later launched our online store! I was so overwhelmed with all the support, generosity and following, we went from 1 follower to over 10k followers in under 7 months. That just blew my mind!

I wanted to be able to help other first time mums out there, I wanted to have a one stop shop so mum’s could shop in the comfort of their PJ’s or while they are breastfeeding and not worry about judgement or a screaming toddler. I wanted to build my blog and talk about my birthing story – this never happened as the online store just went crazy, so I never actually got to launch my blog. Everything happens for a reason, right?! And I’m not that great at writing anyway!


Soooo… How did you find out you were pregnant the first time?

Oh gosh! Wasn’t that a shock to the system! I remember it like yesterday.

We decided for me to come off the pill early 2016 as my cycle was irregular and then actually stopped while I was on the pill (weird!). So I came off it, and wanted to let my body return to it’s ‘natural state’. I did boot camp 4 days a week, had a stable full time job and my partner and I would go Jet-skiing every weekend. Life couldn’t be anymore simple.

My Aunty was pregnant so she would always call me every week on updates. She was 40 so she needed someone to whinge to on a Friday night 

On this particular Friday – I had been messaging my Aunty during the day as my boobs were just absolutely aching! Like you wouldn’t believe. I would take off my bra and I would have to literally hold them they were that sore! So my aunty suggested I go and get a pregnancy test. I was like, pfft – I’m not pregnant, I’m probs just getting my period. So low and behold, I went and bought a pregnancy test after work. Nervous as hell, I went home, sat on the toilet and pee’d on this little stick that would determine my future. I was shaking. And home alone.

And then…

A minute later – that pink line started to show. I started shaking more and more, and had to take a few deep breaths. No, no, no I said with a few ‘cursed’ words. I quickly called my aunty and explained the situation. Her reply – You’re Pregnant!!!! What? No, how can that be, we were so careful! I don’t understand. I can’t be. No wonder my boobs freaking hurt! My hands were shaking, my heart was beating out of my throat, and all I could say was S**T!

My partner and I were not planning for a baby. We wanted one eventually (and my time clock wasn’t getting any younger), but no way were we prepared for it at that point in time! So, the next day, I called my sister to have breakfast, told her what happened and went straight to the doctors to confirm!
We had a baby coming!

What’s the last thing you told your kid not to touch?

My phone! He is obsessed with it – probably because I’m on it ALL THE TIME! ☹

What’s one thing you’ve said to your kid that you’ve never expected to say?

Ahhh why do you have an erection?!

The Giveaway?

Myself and Haley from Mumlife The Label have come together to offer a giveaway for My Curvy Mummy Life readers. There is a voucher up for grabs worth $100 which can be used towards a purchase on my store The Mum Life.

Tell us about the items you have available from Mumlife The Label…

We love to also support Small (home) Businesses. So when MumLife The Label and I started talking, we knew it was the perfect fit! We stock all of her Mama Tees and a few of her Mummy & Me collection… We love them!

** The giveaway for the $100 voucher from The Mum Life online store will be released on the My Curvy Mummy Life Facebook page next Monday 28 May 2018… See you there Mummas xoxox

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