I’m a Mum of Boys and I’m Proud

I am a mum of boys and I couldn’t be more proud. Did I ever want a girl? Yes, of course I longed for a girl of my own, a mini me. But I’ve been blessed with two beautiful boys. I’m a mum of boys. Two healthy, happy and energetic boys.

It would have been so dreamy to have a girl of my own. How wonderful would it have been to have a little girl to share my makeup? How nice would it have been to have a girl of my own so she could be my shopping buddy? I could have dressed her up in fancy clothes any day of the week and she wouldn’t mind. Brush her hair and do it up in cute styles every day. But this wish I had didn’t come true. And I truly don’t mind.

mum of boys

I didn’t get my girl. However, I got to become a mum not once, but twice. I’m a mum of boys.

I’m not dismayed at the thought of not having a daughter. When I became a mum the second time to another beautiful boy my heart burst with happiness. I was hoping for a girl, yes that’s true. But when my boy was placed on me at birth I was smitten with him.

motherhood in its glory
My baby bear was just a few hours old here! Wow, what a day that was…stay tuned for that story!

The suggestion of going for a third so I could have a girl was hurled at me in no time. My response… “If we really wanted to I would bet all or nothing that I would most likely get another boy”. I don’t need to have a daughter. I have two boys that complete my world.

You are probably thinking I’m just writing this all to convince myself. I don’t need to make justifications. Not for me, nor for anyone else. Having a third child did cross my mind at one point because yes that girl was so vivid in my dreams. But if you have two or more children you will understand me when I say the words “sleep deprived forever!”

It was probably when my second baby bear was a week old and I woke up for one of the night feeds. Right after he was fed and asleep again I thought I could go back to sleep. But no…my older baby bear who was 2 and 3 months at the time took his turn to wake up. He waltzed out of his room and into ours. I wasn’t going to get my much needed sleep anytime soon. So how can I even entertain the idea of having a third? How could I set myself up for even more sleep deprivation than what I already am facing for the rest of my life?

motherhood rising

So I didn’t get my girl. But I’m a mum of boys!

I appreciate having had the chance to experience what it might be like having a daughter through my nieces. I was an aunt from the age of 2 – long story, will leave that for a future blog post. But during my twenties my two sisters were each blessed with daughters around the same time. I had the privilege of being able to help them out with their care. Changing, feeding, bathing, dressing and grooming were just a few things I got to be part of. I spoiled them with pretty clothes. My makeup was always made available for them to play with. I even got to be their hair stylist more than often. I know that being their aunt means I get to do things for them like a mother for as long as they will accept it.

I’m not missing out on having a daughter. Because I have my nieces that are just as special… and I’m a mum of boys.

I get to do so much with my boys. The quality time I have with them is enormously satisfying for me as a mother. I don’t need a girl to be able to cook with my child. My boys even enjoy cleaning with me. When they notice me folding or hanging the washing they offer their help. Items of clothing get dropped on the floor more than I would like. But they are having fun helping me. And then of course they end up dragging my washing basket around the house and using it as a boat or a car or a train carriage!

Having a girl is not a necessity, it was just a dream. I won’t get to have any mummy-daughter days. But I’m sure getting to have a whole heap of mummy-son days, twice over!

A daughter would notice a new dress and compliment me on it. But my son does that too.

A daughter would ask to make cupcakes and decorate them with me. But my son does that too.

A daughter would want to play pretend and make me a toy cake to eat. But my son does that too.

A daughter would play dress ups and role play something from a fiction story. But my son does that too.

A daughter would want bedtime cuddles and kisses after reading a book together. But my son does that too.

mum of boys
Me and my boys!

Both of my boys show me all the affection I could ever ask for from my children. They are boisterous and hard to keep up with. I’ve got so much to look forward to being a mum of boys. Dirt stains on socks – actually that’s already happening. I can also expect the inevitable injuries such as grazed knees and bumps on the head. We’ve already had a few of these incidents as well.

My boys are my loves… and they were made with love!

With these two adorable boys  I am ever so lucky to have moments like this one that I can share…

With all this love in my life I am more than content. I’m a mum of boys and I’m proud.




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