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When two Mums put their brains and hearts together what do they come up? An amazing initiative that is the Mumlife Support Group for Australian Mums on Facebook. Haley of Mumlife The Label and myself have joined forces to bring all mummas this support network. Haley and I are excited and passionate about this Mumlife Support Group. We are hosting this new platform for Mummas to be able to share all their ups and downs. To receive the support that they seek and give it back whenever they feel they can.


It’s a place to go and celebrate your motherhood and the motherhood of others in the group as well. We want you to feel like you are a part of a group of Mums supporting Mums. Let’s not forget the Dads too while we’re there. The below sums it all up.



Where do we begin?

There are the first time Mums who are thrown in the deep end with no idea. They take it day by day. Then there are those Mums who have been born and raised in a nurturing family, so motherhood just comes naturally to them. And there are those Mums who have previous children. These Mums are prepared and they know what to expect most of the time.

BUT… it’s not always smooth sailing. No matter which category we fall into, we all at some point feel overwhelmed. We feel as though we dont have one hundred percent control of the situation. Or we purely just feel like we are winging this whole Mumlife thing.

Some of us Mums just hide our emotions better than others when we’re in those trying situations. No matter what, we have all been there. Every step is a learning curve. We all gain from our experiences.

Here is a community where we are all about being survivalists!! Dads included, they just follow our lead. Being a Mum is tough!! Being a Mum while you feel others judging you is tougher.

Trying to impress another, to keep them thinking the best about your skills is hard work. Sadly we do still have those moments where we worry about what others think. It plays on you. It brings you down!!

There comes a point when you have to forget those who make you feel inadequate. Those who make you feel like you are just not doing enough. Instead try focusing your energy on finding those individuals who uplift you. Who make you feel loved. Who show you support. And, who truly want the best for you and your family.

Smile at the Mum who walks past you in the shopping centre with a child who is screaming. Because she said no to buying her a bloody Peppa Pig doll or a chocolate donut. Instead that Mum made the choice to lead an example for her child. We are teaching them life skills after all. We can’t always get what we want straight away.

That Mum is doing amazing!! It’s tough saying no to a toddler and watching them get upset.

Mums, just think, we are all in this together.

Lets support each other.

Lets uplift each other!!

Sincerely your Admin

Haley of Mumlife The Label


Samar of My Curvy Mummy Life


Mumlife Curvy Mummy

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2 Replies to “Mumlife Support Group – Australia”

  1. What an amazing idea. As a Mum of 4boys I have been a victim of bullying by other mums in a mother group setting as I was 19when I had my 1st child. Mums are meant to build each other up not bring each other down. We all have our stuggles – i now struggle with social anxiety and after 11yrs I still question my ability to parent my children and if I am doing it the “right” way

    1. I am so sad to hear of your struggle. Mum bullying unfortunately does exist. It can be obvious at times and then it can also be silent. The kind of bullying where a mum will just put up with being judged and quietly go through depression. I hope you decide to join our group to gain support and also to share your story in hope that it will prevent this ‘Mum bullying’ from happening anymore.

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