I’m a Mum of Boys and I’m Proud

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I am a mum of boys and I couldn’t be more proud. Did I ever want a girl? Yes, of course I longed for a girl of my own, a mini me. But I’ve been blessed with two beautiful boys. I’m a mum of boys. Two healthy, happy and energetic boys.

It would have been so dreamy to have a girl of my own. How wonderful would it have been to have a little girl to share my makeup? How nice would it have been to have a girl of my own so she could be my shopping buddy? I could have dressed her up in fancy clothes any day of the week and she wouldn’t mind. Brush her hair and do it up in cute styles every day. But this wish I had Continue reading “I’m a Mum of Boys and I’m Proud”


Self-care by Embraced Mummas – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy


What is self-care and why is it so important? If you’re a mumma or a mum-to-be have you thought about it? Are you practicing self-care already or aren’t you? I hadn’t even thought about all of this until recently. In the past I may have done a few things here and there that could be classified as self-care. But when I became a mum the first time I let it all escape out the door.

Why do some of us care for ourselves during pregnancy so much, and then not when we finally have our baby in our arms? That’s what I did. I put my baby first

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The Curvy Mummy Guide to Making Mum Friends: Part One

making mum friends

It was only a few weeks ago that I posted about my struggle with making mum friends. Putting all my thoughts on this topic in print and exposing it all for anybody to read was actually a positive move.  I wrote about how making mum friends with my first born didn’t really matter to me. My focus was on being a mummy. As he grew older and I had another baby my attitude evolved.

Before I used to worry about how people perceived me. I was always concerned with what first impressions I was giving. Now, by speaking about making mum friends, by letting other mums know that I didn’t find it easy, I

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Coping with Separation Anxiety with my pre-schooler

separation anxiety, motherhood

Separation Anxiety for me has been a big deal from the day I gave birth to my first boy. The enormous responsibility that I had just assumed enveloped my entire being. I seriously could not see past my duties as his Mother. It became everything to me. With any chance I could get I would research with my trusted Google search engine on my phone. In fact I did this even when I was holding him or breastfeeding him. Continue reading “Coping with Separation Anxiety with my pre-schooler”


Fit mum Kimmy Smith on Motherhood and her Fit Mummy Project

fit mum

I no longer question how to find time to be a fit mum. I no longer let time constraints overrule my day. I’m on my way to achieving my mission. To become a fit mum with at least 3 short workouts a week.

Of late I’ve become more open minded about a lot of things. One of which is getting active to become a fit mum. I’ve started doing more by making the most of the outdoors with my family. I’m also making use of the fitness Continue reading “Fit mum Kimmy Smith on Motherhood and her Fit Mummy Project”


Capturing the Essence of the Garden of Eden

baby, where it all begins

It started off gazing in awe of her best friend’s newborn baby girl called Eden. Having spent a high amount of money for a newborn photo shoot for her own son she was then contemplating the idea of trialling professional photography at home for herself. Her friend asked if she would like to begin with taking pictures of little Eden. And today she is known as Natalie Ahmet, photographer/owner of Garden of Eden Photography. Continue reading “Capturing the Essence of the Garden of Eden”


Mama, are you looking after yourself?

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I don’t believe I could say enough about how motherhood changed me as a person and I believe that the changes are not limited. As I get older (squint) my life takes me to places I do and don’t expect. Therefore my experiences are multiplying and varying by the day. It’s up to me to grasp the opportunities that are accompanying said experiences.

With child number one I let myself fall into the trap of neglecting my own wellbeing. I put all of my effort into just being mum. It was all about feed baby, bath baby, change baby, clean house, cook dinner (or complain that I didn’t Continue reading “Mama, are you looking after yourself?”


Why do we need mama besties?

mama besties, always friends

Mama besties are the best. Mum friends are there for each other but some mums take some time to find this out. In social media there are often articles shared in news feeds about how new mums are lonely. How they are in need of adult interaction.

When I became pregnant the first time I was at a point in my life where I didn’t feel the need to hold on too tight to friendships. I was extremely happy to have found the man I would spend the rest of my life with. And so my focus was on beginning a family and creating more happiness for our future together. I concentrated on our marriage and our pregnancy. Some friends were still in Continue reading “Why do we need mama besties?”