Salts For Health, Long Forest – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy

Salt Therapy is one of the latest trends in the Health and Wellness industry. It’s becoming very popular and much more readily available in our society today. I only heard about it a little while ago when my husband came home with the information. It caught his attention because of the idea that it could help relieve respiratory ailments. Being an asthmatic since childhood he was very keen on trying it out. It took him a while to finally book his first session but he did.

Our little baby bear was born in the beginning of the coldest months we experience in our area. Therefore you can guess the next thing I’m about to

say. He has been coughing and sharing mucus patches on our shoulders since he was about 2 months old. Another contributing factor to his immunity battle against the common cold could be that I took him out a lot more than my first born. And also having a sibling means h

e gets to share his germs too. Doctors and my local Maternal and Child Health Nurse told me he was fine each time I asked… I asked every time! They were always willing to have a listen to his chest with the stethoscope. Each time the response was that he’s fine. His chest always sounded clear so he didn’t need medication. But once home the snots needed to be wiped and his cough just didn’t sound right.

We accepted that our little boy’s immunity was being tested a lot due to being so little and exposed to so much. Then my husband decided he would try the Salt Therapy and take him along. They enjoyed this Daddy and son time together and both of them did feel a little better after the first trial. After the first session the snots seemed a lot worse with my baby bear. But this was actually something they tell you to expect. We gave it a few more shots and by the fourth session I could see a difference in my boy. Instead of being congested all day long this was reduced to the mornings and nights.

Then of course my husband wanted me to try it for myself. I didn’t think I needed to but I went along. Mummy took pictures this time of course so that I could show you what it was like. My favourite part about Salt Therapy was the relaxation. Having my hubby there I didn’t have to be the only one to watch the baby bear. And the chairs they have set up in the room are in fact massage recliners! O.M.G. That just made me so relaxed and zoned out. So not only was I getting the benefits of the Salt Therapy but also a little bit of meditation. I was still relaxed even when I heard the little complaints from my husband about the kid getting into the tissue box. Because I just laughed and let him deal with it.

Salt Therapy
Trying to squeeze in a bit of meditation with the Salt Therapy session!

When I first walked in and sat down it was a little bit hard to get used to. However, the little blue scrubs like booties were nice to wear over my feet. This is to protect the salt on the floor from outside footwear. Walking on the salt felt funny but nice like walking on the beach.

I wasn’t sure about how I would sit for 45 minutes in a very dimly lit room. I just wasn’t sure about inhaling the salt and tasting it on my lips. At first I sat close to the vent that was blowing the salt air into the room. But then I moved away because it was just all new to me. Once the massage chair kicked in I felt like I was meant to be there. Also watching my little boy scoop up the salt with the toys provided and just entertain himself was a joy. That always relaxes me.

salt therapy
Dig, Dig, Diggin in the salt!

In addition to my satisfactory experience I want to share with you the proper information. Here are a few snippets from the Salts For Health website that tell you more of what you need to know.

‘Salt Therapy (also called Halotherapy) is a natural and safe therapy that is risk-free and without side-effects which can assist with relief from a wide range of chronic and acute health conditions and boosts general health and mental wellbeing. It relieves respiratory problems such as sinusitis, hayfever, asthma and bronchitis as well as skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and allergies.

How Does Salt Therapy Benefit?

The dry aerosol salt particles inhaled during a salt therapy session strengthens the immune system and detoxifies and cleanses the body due to its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which loosens up and clears out mucus/phlegm in the airways and lungs, toxins throughout the body, as well as relieving various inflammation in the body and skin.’

Another interesting fact I came across was that Salt Therapy is also known as Halotherapy. Halo being from the Greek work meaning ‘Salt’… Tuning the dad from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding right now…hehehe! Here is a link to read more about the history of it all.

With all that said I’d like to remind you that in any circumstance you should consult a doctor before commencing Salt Therapy sessions. We did ask a doctor before we booked in. It was for our peace of mind for all of us as a family, not just for our little ones. This is my personal review and you should consult medical advice and read up about Salt Therapy before you decide to try it.

Salts For Health in Long Forest is about an hour drive West of Melbourne, Victoria. It is a family run business and the customer service is impeccable. They have such a welcoming atmosphere. So when you’ve completed your sessions you’ll possibly book in again just because it was so nice to be there. For more information have a look at their website


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