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Self-care is something that is so easily put aside by women and the focus is rather set on their maternal instinct to care for others. I myself let this happen when I became a mother. How about you? I never thought about turning to others for guidance or just to point me in the direction of somewhere where I could learn about looking after myself. I tried making a new beginning of self-care when I had my second boy. But in doing it on my own I found myself trying to fit it in with everything else. When I came across Lisa Godlee’s Shine Bright Mama Project on Instagram I started learning so much more. One of the most important points I am now aware of is the importance of putting me first. I now believe that this is not being selfish. It’s practicing self-care so that I can better care for my family.

Lisa has kindly written the following guest article for today’s Friday Feature. Her explanation of Self-care isn’t textbook writing. Lisa’s words are enlightening and encouraging. I know that being on the reader side of what Lisa has to share with other mamas is incredibly helpful to me in my own journey of self-care. Enough said by me, read on to get more insights from the beautiful Lisa herself.


When we become mothers, that nurturing instinct kicks in and takes us over. It’s our natural response. We take care of the world around us first. But do we use this as a distraction for our own self-care?

This is a question that I encourage all mums to explore and delve into. Why are we not making that time for ourselves or putting ourselves at the top of the list? I know the answer for this will be different for all of us. But the one thing that we all have in common is that when we do take care of ourselves, we have more of ourselves to give.

Becoming a mother is the biggest lifestyle change. The biggest shift is that our role as a mother so easily becomes us. It’s so easy to lose ourselves and live for our little ones. I know we do this out of love but the reality is that it isn’t sustainable for our wellbeing. Mama, you matter! Taking time out for you not only benefits you, but also your family. When you make time for yourself and the things you love to do, you’re sharing one of the most valuable lessons with your children. Self-care and self-love.

As a new mum, I realised early on that I needed time for myself to truly be present and be the best mum that I can be. I also realised early on that time to myself didn’t come easily and that’s when I understood that self-care for mums was different. I had to redefine self-care for myself. Self-care does not need to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. We need to be flexible, mindful, grateful, and enjoy the simple things.

I’m so passionate about sharing this message with mums. I have had the pleasure of hosting two Shine Bright Mama self-care workshops for mums on the Gold Coast. I was surprised that it wasn’t only first time mums with babies who were interested in attending my workshops. Mums with children of all ages have attended my workshops and it fills me with so much happiness that they all leave feeling inspired, motivated and excited to take a different approach to self-care in their daily lives. And yes, self-care can be practiced every day with ease! It is my non-negotiable and I hope it becomes yours too!

I am hosting the Shine Bright Mama Project 30 Days of Self-Care on Instagram for the month of September. I prefer to call this a “journey” rather than a “challenge” as I believe the word challenge conjures up thoughts of competition, having something to prove or something that is difficult and requires effort. This is a journey in that through the daily prompts, you will be taken on your very own, personal self-care journey. You will be delighted at how easy and simple it can be to practice every day and you will learn so much about yourself too.

The feedback from the mamas who participated in the 30 Days of Self-Care that I hosted in June was that they felt happier and more positive and noticed a ripple effect on their families. It sparked a newfound appreciation for self-care and they were inspired to continue their journey afterward too. So whether you participate every day, when you can or just feel the inspiration by watching from the sidelines, I invite you to join us starting Friday 1 September. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @shinebrightmamaproject for more details. Let’s support each other and watch each other Shine Bright!

About Lisa Godlee

Holistic Health Coach + Educator + Mama

The beautiful Lisa Godlee

“My passion is health and wellness and supporting women in being the best version of themselves. We all have different lifestyles and priorities so that will look different for all of us. There is so much beauty in how unique we all are and embracing that and appreciating ourselves is only the beginning! I received my Health Coaching qualifications from the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During my studies I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

More than that, passion and results can be the best credentials there are. Personally, I have made many lifestyle changes, healed my body through my fertility journey, practice a holistic approach to health and wellness and as a new mum I’m again making changes to suit my new lifestyle and what my body and soul really need. I believe that what truly nourishes us isn’t found on a plate and I’m a huge advocate for self-care. I’m always excited to share what I know to create a ripple effect of health, wellness and happiness.

My services include Health Coaching, Wellness Workshops, Essential Oil Workshops and Health Talks for the workplace. I specialise in self-care, women’s wellness, fertility support, stress management, essential oils, work-life harmony and nutrition for energy and immunity.”


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