Stop Being a Bitch Revolution!

Last week I wrote about basically feeling sorry for myself. I was feeling like I was failing and not getting anywhere with my fitness journey. I drowned myself in my negative emotions and I let them drag me down. The messages and comments I received were supportive and made me remember that I’m not alone. My husband had listened to the complaints and put up with me. Plus, he was very careful with his responses because he could tell how sensitive I had become. The week passed and I wrote about it all. The comments and support kept flowing at me. I knew people would relate to what I was going through. Then I got the call I wasn’t expecting. It was the call that I needed. The best wakeup call I’ve ever had. I’m so motivated and pumped now. I’m ready to stop being a bitch!

A beautiful woman I’m so honoured to call my friend called me and said to me straight out – STOP BEING A BITCH! Natalie is her name. I laughed a little but that didn’t stop her from saying what she had to say. She just kept talking. Do you have one of those friends that can just talk and talk non-stop? Natalie is one of those friends. But her skill with listening is incredibly high as well. So at first I kept listening.

Natalie told me a little about herself being in the same position a year ago. She told me about her fight and how she went through those times where she felt like quitting. Then again she said to me – Stop Being a Bitch! … {pause}… Don’t be a bitch… when you find yourself bitching and moaning, turn it around. Set achievable goals by aiming to do one thing a day.

Be positive. Take all the negative thinking away. It’s OK to feel low but there is a time where you need to look at yourself and believe you can do it. That time is now! Don’t let those feelings keep you down. Stop being a bitch and just do something about it.

This was all that I needed to hear to make me really just stop thinking, and start doing. The advice Natalie gave me wasn’t something that I could only use for my fitness journey. It was something that helped me to look at everything in a new light. I assessed my attitude over the last few years and found that I was bitching and moaning more than ever. It may be from becoming a mother and putting my family first and me last. This resulted in me always complaining. I’ve been focusing on negative aspects in my life instead of kicking them out of my thoughts. I have to stop being a bitch like this.

There are projects that I have started and haven’t finished. I haven’t printed all of my children’s baby photos. My husband just reminded me that I still haven’t done our wedding album. Don’t get this wrong, I have actually printed photos for display in frames. I just left the albums for a later time that just hasn’t come around yet. Now I have a new method for all of these projects that are waiting for completion ever so patiently. One thing a day is all I need to set for myself. The big goals I can still have of course. But it’s the little goals that I can do one day at a time that will get me to the big ones.

And so here I am, more energised, eating healthier, feeling happier and thinking positively. I am going to do this. I’m going to become a Fit Curvy Mummy. I may trip and fail at times.

But there will be no more excuses. I will stop being a bitch.

Every time I find myself going down that path I have the message there staring at me every day. Stop being a bitch. Natalie, I know you’re reading this right now. You are one of the greatest things since sliced bread! Not sure if you really want to be put up on a pedestal with a major carb right now. But you know I mean well…hehehe. The passion you have for everything you do in life is inspiring. But I know that if I really believe in your example I need to get some action happening. And I have started. Stop being a bitch!

You lead the way for me with your #stopbeingabitchrevolution. I will be one of the success stories. I am an ocean!

stop being a bitch


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    1. Andrea I’m thrilled that you’ve stopped by and read this post. I’m so passionate about this new journey I’ve begun. I’ve also written it on a board that I recently bought to use for inspiration in my workspace. Yes, my children can’t understand it yet so it’s there… My first inspirational quote is Stop Being a Bitch. 🙂

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