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Her name implies sweetness and modesty. She has the appearance of a Greek Goddess and the girl sure has got style. The Subtle Mummy is not just another mum blogger in the pack. Her happy go lucky grasp on life is addictive and I truly adore following her blog and her social media antics.

My first impressions of Zoe of The Subtle Mummy were wow, how beautiful and well groomed. Her children are just adorable and the styling of her home is amazing. I had to find out more and she gladly shared some more information with me about herself.

the subtle mummy

Zoe began blogging when a forum of women used peer pressure to get her into it. They thought she was so funny and had to be kind and start sharing her stories with the rest of the world. I personally want to thank these ladies because I’m a big fan.

The inspirations Zoe turns to are mostly from her life. Her favourite topics are pranking her husband and Kids Fashion. She told me she doesn’t really have an angle and she plans on staying around as long as she enjoys being a blogger.

Zoe’s repertoire is not so subtle either. In addition to her blog Zoe is a qualified Teacher, she writes for a newspaper and she is a Mummy! I asked her how she would define motherhood and her response was; “I think that the minute you try to define it you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual so you just need to go with the flow and follow your gut instincts.”

On the topic of achieving work life balance Zoe has a great philosophy. She said that she tries to achieve the balance but doesn’t ever fell like she’s on top of her workload, parenting or blogging. “This is what indicates to me that I’m doing well, because it means I’m busy. Busy is good.”

We went out kid free last night. I was so excited to get time alone with hubby even if it meant I had to listen to all…

Posted by Zoe George – The Subtle Mummy on Friday, 7 April 2017

On The Subtle Mummy website there is plenty of good reading but to start you off I suggest you go to this one first – The EOH Pelvic Floor. I was laughing from the start to the end, and when I think of it I laugh again. With all the seriousness of women’s health going around these days it was a breath of fresh air to see a lady share a hilarious perspective.

In her recent publications Zoe has shared a sequel to the EOH pelvic floor story.

Oh it’s broken alright

Zoe’s tagline “As Subtle as a Brick in the Face” sums up what you can expect from her style of writing.  I could relate with her when she mentioned that there are topics you just don’t discuss when you come from a certain cultural background. I am truly in awe of her courage to list terms such as a broken vagina, two holes become one, and having vaginismus! That’s enough said, I’m sure if those words caught your attention all you need to do now is click on that link and read. Leave her a nice reply too, Zoe loves to chat and deserves as much praise as she can get for putting herself out there with this article.

I am so in love with this final piece of encouragement I was kindly bestowed with from Zoe. “Be real and be authentic always. Don’t ever compromise your brand for money.”

I hope you like my first instalment of Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy. You can follow Zoe George – The Subtle Mummy on Instagram and Facebook.

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Have a fabulous weekend,

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All image credits courtesy of Zoe George – The Subtle Mummy


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  1. Great post, you compiled it so well Samar, I love knowing more about people, it is so inspiring and a great learning experience. Zoe is so beautiful and her kids are adorable. It was so nice to know a bit about her, I will check her out on the Instagram 🙂

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