Feeling Judged – part of Mumlife

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When I was a first time Mum I didn’t think I needed mum friends. I was overwhelmed with the thought of trying to make friends at the ripe age of 35. There was pressure from the world outside to socialise and to get out of the house. But I felt judged and didn’t want to expose myself to anymore criticism than what I already had been exposed to. Feeling judged and knowing that there were other people possibly seeing me as incompetent brought me down. And I allowed it to. Continue reading “Feeling Judged – part of Mumlife”

How Was Your Day Love?

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Living as a one income family has its perks and perils. There was a time where it was the norm for the husband to be the sole bread winner. I remember the days where it was expected for a woman to be a housewife. Women stayed home to care for their babies and to be there when their older children arrived from school. Housewives have been portrayed in the media as pretty and well-groomed in the past. They always had perfect manners and greeted their husbands with; How was your day love? I mostly remember this in films such as Bewitched and Happy Days. Yes those are really old films but I loved Continue reading “How Was Your Day Love?”

Coping with Separation Anxiety with my pre-schooler

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Separation Anxiety for me has been a big deal from the day I gave birth to my first boy. The enormous responsibility that I had just assumed enveloped my entire being. I seriously could not see past my duties as his Mother. It became everything to me. With any chance I could get I would research with my trusted Google search engine on my phone. In fact I did this even when I was holding him or breastfeeding him. Continue reading “Coping with Separation Anxiety with my pre-schooler”