Restyle Closet – Friday Feature with Curvy Mummy

second-hand online store

I’m so excited to have Restyle Closet join me for this week’s Friday Feature! Scroll back up a little and take a look at the limited time offer that’s included for all Curvy Mummy’s readers. What do you think of those hot red heels? What is Restyle Closet? It is an online store that offers Secure Second-hand Luxury Shopping.

Would you love to own a designer piece of clothing by the likes of Christian Louboutin, Zimmermann, Jimmy Choo, Prada, or Gucci? Can’t spend the full price amount? Girlfriend you have to check this out. Quality items of clothing that are at a fraction of the Retail price. You are just a click away to owning

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Motherhood embraced me with change

Motherhood changed me

Up until my late twenties I was no extravert. I had been warned a few times that I needed to get out of my shell. A dear friend recently put it in such a succinct description… I grew up with a convoy of brothers and sisters who were even more protective of me than what my parents were. Being the youngest of ten made me timid and at times unable to socialise. To cut a long story short I eventually moved myself out of the cocoon, got married and started a family. I became part of the world of Motherhood.

For a long time I knew I wanted to become a mum. My approach to the nine months of my first pregnancy was mostly dreamy and full of happy thoughts. I thought about change in a positive sense. I imagined holding my baby close to

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