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As I sit here and think of an introduction for this Curvy Feature I’m not finding enough words to describe the beauty I have to present you with. The Mumma who has offered to get herself into this spotlight today is a friend I’ve known since High School. Her beauty is not only what you see in her looks but also what you see from within. Reading this little chronicle she has been so kind in sharing had me smiling and wiping tears.

The tears weren’t sad. Rather happy tears because I could relate so much which is one of my favourite parts of blogging. Especially relating to other mums and feeling a part of a community that goes beyond the words that you read in my blogs. Makeup at Tiffany’s is a business in its newborn stage still. Read on to find out more about it and about the woman behind it!

Hi, my name is Tiffany. As I’m starting to type this up, my heart is racing. I don’t know what to say about myself and hate talking about myself. But lately, I’m trying to challenge myself by doing things I never thought I would do. Opening up about myself is one.

I’m a mum of three boys, I love being a mum of three boys but it does come with its challenges as you could imagine…… (Mum of boys, you know what I’m talking about?)

Toilet humour, and toilet misses!!!! The farts, the burps, the bugs and lizards…I wouldn’t want it any other way. The kisses and cuddles I get from them make up for all the dirt and farts. Did I mention the fart jokes?

Makeup, Motherhood

Being a mum of three boys has led to me wanting a little bit of girl time. That’s where Makeup at Tiffany’s comes into it.


I’ve always loved Makeup. It makes me feel better, and it gives me confidence. As I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, Makeup has always been there to pep me up when I’m feeling down.

After completing my family of 3 boys! And after my youngest started school I felt I needed to get myself back out in the workforce. I got my old job back as a Dental Nurse but it didn’t feel right to have my boys in care…. I was their mum and I wanted to be there when they got home from school.

Makeup is my thing; I always got compliments on my own makeup so I knew it was my calling.

Makeup, Motherhood


Then I stepped out of my comfort zone and eventually set up my makeup room…. I was still scared to start advertising but when I got a phone all from a mum I knew from our kids being in kinder together, my journey started.

Christine from Hourglass Images had an idea for her Photography business and asked me if I would like to be involved! Our meeting was my wake up call… Everyone gets nervous and feels anxious before they start something new she told me. She told me her own experiences of how she felt before a photo shoot. I was no different to anyone else!

I said ‘yes’ to Chris and that kicked my butt into gear to start up a Facebook page an Instagram account. And so, I started promoting myself!  Believing in myself!


I don’t think I would have had the courage to go ahead with my MUA business if it hadn’t been for Chris and her encouragement…  So thank you Chris! Feel free to check out her page and wonderful photography work!

As for being a stay at home mum and having a home business my boys have been wonderful with helping keeping the house as clean (Tidy) as possible!  My 7 year old loves to help out but when he starts wiping things down, he doesn’t know when to stop! The benches, awesome!   The table, yeah great, thanks buddy…

No!!! Not the sliding doors! No, not the tv! Not the mirrors!!!  Thanks buddy, now I need to do them properly!


Right now, before my client gets here in less than 5 minutes!!!!!!! Ah doesn’t matter, he was helping….. Lucky my room is at the front of the house!

Makeup, Motherhood


Tiffany, you are one of many inspirational Mums I’m proud to know. Besides having schooling in common we are also both ‘Mums of boys only’ and we both have dealt with the struggle of getting out and chasing our dreams. It’s so easy to have a dream and just set it aside while you put your energy into everything else that matters around you. And at times it takes that one person to cross your path and give you that little push of motivation.


Tiffany’s MUA business is located in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. Here are the social links for you to follow…




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